Project: Implement your eMe

Where are we?

You’ve got the framework, chosen a design. Time to make your site.

This lesson’s goals

  • Finish your eMe.
  • Celebrate! Woohoo!!

Your directory tree

Make a directory tree. It’s best to make the tree reflect the information architecture of your site.

You might end up changing the tree later. When you create and use your templates – the next two steps – you might figure out better ways to arrange your files. That happens to me all the time.

Exercise: Your eMe directory tree

Create the directory tree for your site.

Put it on a Web page on your server. Enter the URL below.

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Create template(s)

Create the template(s) you want to use for your site.

Remember to make a copy of your work now and then. If you get confused, you can always go back to the most recent copy.

Exercise: Make your eMe templates

Create the template(s) for your eMe. Be sure that you can understand the existing design before you start changing it.

Hint: If you have trouble with a special feature of the existing design (like advanced mouseover effects for the navbar), think about dropping the feature.

Upload the template(s) to your server. Enter the URL below.

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Use template(s)

Make every page in your structure map. For each one, copy a template, then change it to make the new page.

You might have to change the templates as you go. That’s OK. I often find there are things I don’t think of until I’m actually working with the templates.

Exercise: Use your eMe templates

Create your site using the templates. Then upload the site to your server.

Don’t forget to put the URL below.

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When you’re done, you have your entire site! W00f! W00f! W00fity w00f!! Celebrate!


Weehoo! You did it! You’ve finished your site!

Want to make a site for a business? You know how. Follow the same steps:

  • Set up a development site.
  • Set goals.
    • Goals for the owner.
    • Goals for the users.
  • Design a framework.
    • Create the information architecture.
    • Make one or more page layouts.
    • Describe the look and feel.
    • Choose an existing design to modify.
  • Implement the site.
    • Make a directory tree.
    • Create a template HTML file for each layout.
    • Use the templates to build the site.
  • Celebrate!

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