Will reading CoreDogs get me a Web job?

No. Not by itself.

You’ll need to mix CoreDogs with other stuff.

Web-enhanced jobs

CoreDogs can help you improve your performance in a non-Web job. Sales rep, teacher, plumber, writer, ... lots of jobs. But you need to be a good sales rep, teacher, plumber, writer, etc., before this will work.

You can read more about this idea.

Being a Web professional

Suppose you’ve decided that you want to be a Weber. That is, you want to work full-time on Web jobs. Like Web designer, making complete sites for clients. Or Web programmer, writing programs that read data from databases and put them on Web pages.

CoreDogs will not teach you enough to do those jobs. But there are still some cases where you might consider using CoreDogs.

You’re just starting out

If you haven’t taken any courses in HTML, CSS, etc., CoreDogs is a good place to start. You can read more about why CoreDogs is a good learning tool.

You’re not sure if Webbing is right for you

Find out with CoreDogs. Even if you decide not to pursue a Web career, your CoreDogs skills will be useful. In whatever career you eventually choose.

You want a non-tech Web job

OK, so there are no totally non-tech Web jobs. But there are full-time Web jobs done by people who are not tech experts. Some examples:

  • Online marketer

Creates and manages online marketing campaigns. Uses social networks like Twitter and Facebook, as well as email, search engine advertising, and other things.

  • Web data analyst

A mathematically oriented person who analyses data on people’s Web activity. Often works with online marketers.

  • Project manager

Manages a team of Webers. Sets work goals, monitors progress, sets up budgets, etc.

  • Trainer

Helps people learn to use Web applications.

These are just a few examples. If you come across some other interesting ones, please add a comment to this page.


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