About links

A link is a useful site, like a site with free photos. Click on the “links” tab to see a list.

Links tab

Anyone can add links. You, too!

Here’s a typical link:

A link

Each link has a name (or title). The member who submitted the link is listed, to give that person credit. The details of the link include a URL and a description.

There are also tags. These are important, because they let people find related links.

Adding a link

Please add links that you find. This will help everyone who’s using CoreDogs.

You can add links from the links tab.

Links tab

Add a link

You’ll get a form like this:

Link form

Be sure to enter some tags, to describe the type of link it is.

Most links will be URLs, but you can attach a file if you want. For example, maybe you drew a neat dog picture, and want to let others use it. Note: if you add a file, it is your responsibility to ensure you have permission to do so.


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