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CoreDogs has three books:

  • Foundations – What makes a Web site good? And a little tech stuff.
  • ClientCore – How to make basic Web pages. HTML and such. Useful for everyone.
  • ServerCore – How Web servers run PHP and MySQL. Learning this will help you set up, manage, and customize software like Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla. Or write programs from scratch.

Start with Foundations. Even if you have tech skillz, at least skim Foundations.


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Getting the most from CoreDogs

To learn, you’ll need to do the exercises. Really, trust me, if you don’t do, you won’t learn.

You can do them by yourself, and keep your work on your own computer. No need to log in or anything. Or you can…

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I can’t imagine that, but there are strange things in the world. Like soap. Why do humans care what we roll in? They are so weird.

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As you complete exercises, you’ll build up a portfolio of things you have done. If you want, you can let other people see part of your portfolio. You can learn more about portfolios.

Contribute content

Please add comments to lessons. Maybe you have a hint for other people, or an example that’s relevant. You can learn more about comments.

If you find a Web site that helped you with CoreDogs, please add it to the links list. You can learn more about links.


Please send feedback

You’ll spot mistakes. Maybe a misspelled word. Or you’ll think of a better way of explaining something. Please let me know. Please, please, PLEASE!

There’s a feedback widget on every page. You can read more about sending feedback.

At the moment, it takes me a while to get to feedback. So I might not act on your suggestions immediately. But I will get to them.

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