About comments

You can add comments to lessons, articles, links, and other things. Comments are specific to a particular CoreDogs page. Use comments to disagree with the content, give examples, talk about your own experiences, or whatever you like.

For example, Renata liked the limerick about punster Jim on the basic HTML tags page. She clicked the Add comment link, and said:

Adding a comment

Figure 1. Adding a comment

The Save button saves the comment. The Preview button lets you look at a comment before you save it.

You can edit a comment after you save it to fix spelling errors and such. But try not to change the comment’s meaning.

CC read the comment, and added a reply.

Comment reply

Figure 2. Comment reply

She has a point. Notice that CC’s reply is indented, showing that it’s a reply to the comment above, not a new comment about the lesson.


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