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Programs on servers

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  • How to manually create a Web page with a product list.
  • How easy it is to make a mistake.
  • A Web server can automatically create a product list page from data in a database. This reduces the number of mistakes.

Logging out


  • How to add a log out link on the admin menu.
  • The log out page gets rid of the session data.

Checking permissions


  • Every admin page checks the log in flag in the session. You can put the code in a separate file, and use the require statement to insert it.
  • Admin pages can check permission data in the session.
  • Use permission data from the session to change the admin interface. Don’t show users actions they’re not allowed to do.

Sample: DogRock

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The DogRock site lets:

  • Users see a list of articles, and read each one.
  • Writers add and change articles, quickly and easily.
  • Webers update the Web site, quickly and easily.

Sample: DogToys

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Let’s tour the DogToys Web site. The site helps:

  • Customer look at product data.
  • Employees easily change product data.
  • Webers easily alter the Web site.

Basic database applications

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A database is an collection of structured data.

This chapter shows you how database Web applications work.

Magic quotes and strings

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In this lesson, you learn:

  • That PHP’s magic quotes feature adds extra backslashes to text.
  • How to use the stripslashes() function to fix the problem.

CoreDogs and PHP

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Learning how to create Web sites is worthwhile. You can make a career out of it. You can give a boost to another career. You can serve the greater good.

Learning takes time. CoreDogs helps you spend your learning time well. It focuses on the real world. It flattens the learning curve. CoreDogs leaves a lot out, focusing only on the core of PHP. CoreDogs encourages practice, practice, practice.

CoreDogs uses ideas from the science of learning. It has less technical material about PHP than other sources. What is here is just the important core. The lessons help reduce your learning time.

Why learn PHP?

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PHP programs run on Web servers. They let Web pages store data on database servers. Server-side programs are crucial on today’s Web.

Learning PHP can help you:

  • Understand how the Web really works
  • Understand business value on the Web
  • Install and manage software
  • Customize and extend software
  • Write your own programs
  • Work with others more effectively
  • Decide on a career

PHP is widely used. It’s easy to learn, for a programming language.

Tools for writing PHP programs

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You can write PHP code directly on your Web hosting account’s server. But it’s better to install a development server on your own computer, and do your programming there.

Notepad++ is a good text editor for PHP work. Netbeans is a good IDE.

WinSCP is good for file transfer.

Download XAMPP from ApacheFriends. It’s an easy way to install a development server.


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