Too much information!


I’m feeling overwhelmed here.


Me, too. There are so many choices!


I hear you.

Some people get into typography in a big way. But most have some simple rules that work most of the time.

Here are some things that I often do.

  • Use a 14px font for most text.
  • Use larger fonts for headings.
  • Use smaller fonts for support text, like help messages.
  • Use a sans serif typeface for everything.
  • Left-align everything.

I vary these rules depending on the site. For instance, I might switch to serif headings, if that matches the mood of the site.

You might find some colors, typefaces, etc., you like. Keep a note of them. When you start a new project, you’ll have something good to start with.

What now?

This lesson gave you some useful guidelines. Hmm. Maybe we should remember them.