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Feedback rules!

January 4, 2011

Giving students frequent formative feedback is wicked awesome.

Drupal: The WYSIWYG blues

December 28, 2010

Web WYSIWYG editors often aren’t very WYSIWYGish. Users create content in the editor that doesn’t look the same on the final page. Learn how you can make WYSIWYG behave.

Learning science, one instructor at a time

December 26, 2010

CoreDogs can improve learning productivity in higher education. Individual instructors can drop CoreDogs into courses for a dose of learning science medicine. It can work today, without any institutional change.

Why patterns help learners

December 21, 2010

A pattern is a solution to a problem that people have found useful. Patterns are in CoreDogs because they help people learn how to design things. This article explains why patterns help learners.

People, prejudice, and tribes

November 28, 2010

Why do people hate each other? Partly because they're meat puppets.


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