Drupal: A beginner's guide to Drush

Blog post of July 1, 2011.

Typical Drupal sites use dozens of modules. Each one is a separate project, with its own programmers working at their own pace. Hardly a month will go by without updates to some of the modules on your site.

Updating modules isn't hard, but it takes time. Worse, it's easy to make mistakes.

Sometimes you need to update Drupal core. Updating core is a bit stressful. You can do major damage to your site if you're not careful.

Drush can help. Drush is software that makes updating Drupal sites easier. When you tell Drush to update a module, it takes care of downloading the right version of the module, copying the files to the right place, and making database changes.

Even better, Drush can update core with a single command. W00f!

A new article shows how you can install Drush, and use it to update your Drupal site. If it's your first time using the command line, this is for you.

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