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Welcome dog CoreDogs helps you learn the Web’s core tech. So you can make Web sites, work with Web designers, set up Web software, and do other useful things.

We cover only the important tech. The 10% of the tech that does 90% of the work.

CoreDogs helps you get the most you can from every minute you spend learning. How? By using best practices from learning science. And CoreDogs is free.

CoreDogs helps people who teach Web tech, as well as people who want to learn Web tech.

Why teach with CoreDogs?

CoreDogs lets you improve your teaching, without spending more time on it. Checkout the video.
People who teach Web tech are experts in tech, but usually not in learning science. So how can they know the best way to teach?

That’s where CoreDogs comes in. Best practices from learning science are baked into CoreDogs. When you drop CoreDogs into a course, you get both good tech and good learning.

What is a CoreDogs course like?

Students mainly work on their own. Exercises are embedded in the CoreDogs content. Students enter exercise solutions directly into CoreDogs. They can ask for your feedback. You can tell them how to improve, if that’s needed.

You can use CoreDogs by itself for online courses. Or you can supplement CoreDogs with problem solving sessions. For example, once per week you meet in a computer lab, and give students a problem to solve. You walk around and help students who have trouble.

The CoreDogs Way means you don’t lecture. The material is in CoreDogs, carefully explained, so why repeat it? Instead, you are a problem solver and troubleshooter. Because you don’t lecture, you will have time to help individual students.

That’s the CoreDogs secret sauce: the freedom to teach your students in the way they need to be taught. Let CoreDogs help them learn the basics on their own. You spend your time on things that students have trouble with.


Why learn the Web’s core tech?

You want a Web site for a business, school, or some other organization

Learn what makes a site good. Then learn how to use your own branding (logo, colors, etc.), make good navigation bars, etc. More…

You run a content management system (CMS), like Drupal, or Joomla

Learn the core tech. It’ll help you:

  • Install the CMS.
  • Keep it running and secure.
  • Fix problems.
  • Customize it.


You work with Web professionals

Learn the core tech. Communicate better with the professionals. You can explain what you want, and understand their answers. If you hire Web contractors, you can evaluate their work. More…

You’re thinking about a Web career

You can have a great career. But know what you’re getting into. CoreDogs can help you understand the work Web people do.

And no matter what career you choose, core Web skills can help.


You’re technically curious

Learn how Web sites work. Just because you want to.

You can get started with CoreDogs. It’s free. Or you can read A Tale of Two Students. It’s a good way to understand what CoreDogs is all about.


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